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Talent, Experience, Trust

Revolutionizing Technological Sales Talent Acquisition and Consulting

From software solutions to emerging tech products, we are your strategic partner in building a sales team that drives success.

Why work with us? 

What we Offer

  • We are industry veterans who understand the intricate relationship between technology and effective sales strategies. We don’t just find candidates; we find individuals who can articulate the value of your tech offerings.

Recruiting & talent Acquisition

Our competitive edge stems from our extensive sales expertise in the ever-changing field of technology, encompassing software, security, networks, data centers, and distribution through partner channels.

What sets us apart is our unique approach to recruitment, which deviates from the conventional model. Unlike traditional recruiters who merely provide candidates, we bring a deep understanding of both technology and the intricate sales processes associated with it.

Unlock sales potential

We provide the best candidates and future employees to companies to help the company’s growth in areas that will enhance their market position.

what we do

Identify and attract top-level sales executives who can lead your team to unparalleled success.
Connect with sales professionals who not only understand your technology but can effectively communicate its value to clients.

Consulting: Expertise & Case Studies

30+ Years of sales experience combined in Federal and Commercial sales
30+ Years of sales experience in the Public sector
Federal sales and Commercial sales development
Federal Market experience developing teams to support Civilian, DOD and Intelligence agencies
Experienced in OEM, Partner and Distribution channel development
Marty Calambro, CEO & Founder

Marty Calambro, CEO & Founder

About Calambro Consulting

We strive to thoroughly understand our clients’ requirements for sales personnel, technology, and their position in the marketplace. Our commitment is to deliver swift returns on investment by facilitating the acquisition of the most suitable current fit, future potential, and technically proficient sales representatives. These individuals play a crucial role in enhancing the sales teams of our client companies.

With decades of experience in leadership and sales in the technological sector, we have a proven track record of successfully selling software, hardware, services, and semiconductor solutions. Furthermore, we specialize in creating teams with sales processes grounded in methodologies such as MEDDPIC and value selling. These teams consistently excel in technology sales, setting us apart in the industry. Our collective background experience, acquired through years of working as an OEM, Value Added Reseller, and in distribution, provides us with valuable marketplace insights in both Federal and commercial/enterprise contexts.

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